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Would you be able to live with daily severe stomach aches, infertility, and pain with sexual intercourse? Those are some symptoms of endometriosis, a disorder 1 in 10 reproductive-aged Dutch women suffers from. Have you never heard of endometriosis? You are not the only one. This disorder is as common as diabetes and rheumatism, however, many have never heard of it or know little about it. Doctor and researcher Esther van Barneveld is committed to increase awareness and to improve the treatment of endometriosis. 

Endometriosis is more than just a ‘bad period’

With endometriosis, the hormone sensitive tissue that normally lines the inside of the uterus, grows outside of it and causes extreme pain. The symptoms are more severe during menstruation. As a result, most women – and also doctors and experts – believe it is just a ‘bad period’. Patients are afraid to mention their symptoms and are on average only diagnosed after 8 years. And even if there is a treatment, like painkillers, medication and/or a surgery, the pain usually does not disappear. Why that is the case, is still unclear. In conclusion; we need research. 

Contribute to awareness and research

Esther is developing an app which will contribute to an improved treatment method of endometriosis. Patients will answer daily questions in the app, and those questions will analyse whether there are factors – like sleep, emotions or nutrition – that influence the symptoms. Yoga, surprisingly enough, is also a possible solution for the pain. All of the knowledge can be used in the treatment, which will result in faster, more personal and better care. Esther’s method needs 7,500 euros. Support this research – contribute to improved awareness of endometriosis and to a painless future for young women!

Esther (l. on photo): “Where my interest in endometriosis is coming from? During my internships, my mentor learned me a lot about the disorder. I was surprised that the disorder is relatively unknown, even though the consequences are very big. Next to infertility, the symptoms cause pain that makes work, sport and sex harder or even impossible. This massively impacts the quality of life. I want to contribute with my research!”


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