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As current students of the Master of Science in Public Policy and Human Development, we feel enriched by the community and discussions with our fellow non-EU students and want to make our excellent master’s program more accessible for a future policy maker.

We support UNU-MERIT in their mission to make the high-quality education that this master’s programme offers more accessible by closing the tuition fee gap of 13.591 euros that remains between non-EU students and EU-students. Your support for the MPP scholarship will allow one student in the 2023-2024 cohort to get the master’s education and hands-on tools to bring their experiences and ideas to the realm of evidence-based policy making and have a positive impact in this world.

We as the student’s association Demos are thankful about any donation, no matter it’s size! Thank you very much for supporting diversity in our master’s program and making quality education more accessible.

Collaboration with MPP Scholarship Recipient

Demos is proud to be working alongside the MPP Scholarship Recipient of 2022, Lammert Petter, in creating fundraising events and activities catered to the MPP cohort and alumni as well as the UNU-MERIT staff. 

Meet the Demos Team

Demos is a student association by the MPP students for the MPP students at UNU-MERIT. Much like the root meaning of the word demos, - a common people as a political unit - our association represents the MPP cohort as a political entity. This year, we are excited to be assisting UNU-MERIT in their goals to close the tuition gap between non-EU and EU students. We appreciate any donation, big or small!