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On the 15th of March 2019, Geraldine Beaujean, an employee of Maastricht University - SHE Collaborates, survived one of the biggest natural disasters in history: hurricane Idai. This cyclone killed hundreds of people in Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe. Geraldine got caught in the cyclone while visiting the Universidade Católica de Moçambique in Beira. Therefore, she saw with her very own eyes the destruction that cyclone Idai had left behind.  Newly built classrooms are destroyed The university in Beira is one of Maastricht University’s partners and it has been heavily damaged by the cyclone Idai. New and safe accommodation are now of the utmost importance since the rooftops of brand-new classrooms have been destroyed by fallen trees. Help us to give the university in Beira a good start of their academic year!  Get involved To help rebuild our partner university and to enable them to provide education again €20.000 is needed (in addition to the €20.000 that has been raised before). To do this, your help is extremely important. This crowdfunding campaign will only run until the 15th of July; exactly 5 months after this natural disaster took place. Care for Beira – give the  students in Mozambique a safe academic environment and donate now!   UM Crowd is part of University Fund Limburg/SWOL. This Fund is a recognized 'algemeen nut beogende instelling' (ANBI). This hallmark means that your donation is, in principle, tax deductable. You will receive an automatically generated e-mail with a proof of payment after your donation. Click here for more information about ANBI.  
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Winners Queen of Hearts tombola

27-05-2019 | 13:29 These are the winners of the Queen of Hearts tombola:   R. Kuijpers Brightlands Campus tour for 2 persons N. Reslow Brightlands Campus tour for 2 persons G. Vanderbroeck Brightlands Campus tour for 2 persons A. Hoogers Subscription Foodies magazine J. Profijt Paula's Choice skin care set V. Schiffer High tea for 2 persons at Teazone Maastricht N. Cleven Hunkemöller set S. Custers Hunkemöller set M. Lahaije Gift voucher restaurant Gaar F. en I. de Vries Verburg 2 tickets cabaret show Micha Wertheim on 13 June 2019 at Maastricht Pianostudio M. Nypels Jongen Opticiens designer sunglasses C./A. en J. Workshop SEPH Visuals 'Filming with your smartphone' N. Glaudemans Gift voucher restaurant Tout à Fait B. Janssen Gift voucher Cake 5 Exclusive Cakes C. Groven Gift card Maasmechelen Village designer outlet I. Dijkgraaf Weber barbecue Café Forum 4 tickets musical The Lion King   Congratulations! Please contact info@ufl-swol.nl for more information.
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16-07-2019 | 18:26 To: Contribute to transgenders' well-being