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Winners Queen of Hearts tombola

27-05-2019 | 13:29 These are the winners of the Queen of Hearts tombola:   R. Kuijpers Brightlands Campus tour for 2 persons N. Reslow Brightlands Campus tour for 2 persons G. Vanderbroeck Brightlands Campus tour for 2 persons A. Hoogers Subscription Foodies magazine J. Profijt Paula's Choice skin care set V. Schiffer High tea for 2 persons at Teazone Maastricht N. Cleven Hunkemöller set S. Custers Hunkemöller set M. Lahaije Gift voucher restaurant Gaar F. en I. de Vries Verburg 2 tickets cabaret show Micha Wertheim on 13 June 2019 at Maastricht Pianostudio M. Nypels Jongen Opticiens designer sunglasses C./A. en J. Workshop SEPH Visuals 'Filming with your smartphone' N. Glaudemans Gift voucher restaurant Tout à Fait B. Janssen Gift voucher Cake 5 Exclusive Cakes C. Groven Gift card Maasmechelen Village designer outlet I. Dijkgraaf Weber barbecue Café Forum 4 tickets musical The Lion King   Congratulations! Please contact info@ufl-swol.nl for more information.
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13-06-2019 | 18:56 To: Into the world: make birth safe and beautiful! Maddalena is a talented, intelligent, caring, and highly capable woman, who I dearly support in her passion and profession. I am donating to fund Maddalena´s research because I support her work and activism to make birth to be a meaningful experience for all mothers.