Champion Ambition: Invest in an MPP Scholar

from €3,000 (50%)

Support UNU-MERIT in their mission to make education more accessible and provide a future policymaker with the tools they need to succeed in their career.

This scholarship aims to support a non-EU student who has not had the opportunity to study outside of their home country previously due to financial constraints. All money raised will contribute towards the selected recipient's visa, travel and living expenses in order for them to be able to join our Master’s programme starting this September.

The MPP Scholarship is UNU-MERIT's endeavour to enhance the accessibility of high-quality education provided by this master's program. By bridging the tuition fee gap between non-EU and EU students, your backing of the MPP scholarship will enable a student in the next cohort to receive a master's education and practical skills. The scholarship will allow them to pursue a Master of Science in Public Policy and Human Development.

In turn, enables them to contribute their experiences and ideas to the field of evidence-based policy making, fostering a positive impact on our world.

In previous years your contributions have successfully funded two brilliant international students. This year UNU-MERIT has generously provided the tuition fee towards this scholarship. 


Hear from our previous MPP Scholarship recipients;

'What attracted me to UNU-MERIT was human development, putting in practice inclusivity, understand inequality and find ways to address it. My ambition at UNU-MERIT is to do more than analyse data. I want to learn how to use data to advocate for change. What I like about the MPP program is that we apply economic principles to real like problems. We learn to approach reality by using economic models in a sophisticated and yet intuitive way.’ – Maria Angelica Moreno Barrera (Columbia). 2023, Current MPP Student

'I have learned that public institutions are not the only ones that can take action over a policy problem. There are several actors surrounding a problem or a need and, in this case, I consider the initiative taken by UNU-MERIT in offering the MPP Scholarship as a policy action towards wider access to education. There are many students with the will, passion, and capacity to become agents of positive change that need just one opportunity to exploit their potential. For me, the MPP Scholarship is that opportunity that passes on the enthusiasm to work towards making this world a better place.’- Lammert Petter (Ecuador), 2022, Controlling Analyst at FrieslandCampina.


Join Us: Let's be architects of opportunity and support MPP scholars who will carry a torch lighting the path towards positive global change. Your participation in this campaign is an invitation to become an integral part of a narrative that champions dreams, knowledge, and inclusivity.

Donate today and be the force that propels dreams into reality.

Thank you for being the spark that lights the way for future policy leaders.

About the MPP

The Master of Science in Public Policy and Human Development (MPP) emphasizes the connection between public policy and decision-making processes, or more specifically, the effectiveness and efficiency of governance. Students are equipped with a variety of skills, tools and knowledge which enables them to work as a policy designer or policy analyst. Students become capable of working within public and private institutions at local, national and international levels. The one-year master's programme is offered as a double degree in collaboration with UNU-MERIT.

About the project owner

'The MPP Scholarship an amazing opportunity that gives a platform for a scholar with lived and learned expertise to contribute to global discourse.' - Josh Tendai (Alumni Relations Officer)

UNU-MERIT (United Nations University) is the UN’s institute for comprehensive innovation: a research and training institute that mobilises knowledge, education and policy to unlock the full potential of comprehensive innovation for sustainable development.

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A Heartfelt Thank You for Your MPP Scholarship Support

30-04-2024 | 10:14 Dear Supporters,  We are immensely grateful for your generous contributions to the MPP Scholarship crowdfunding campaign. Because of your support, we've reached 50% of our target. While we didn't reach our full target this year, the impact of your generosity is significant making a difference in the life of a future policymaker.  While the crowdfunding is officially closed, we are excited with all the contributions and kind messages you have shared with us. We are commited to making this scholarship a success, this edition of the crowdfunding has shown us that our alumni community is responsive and supportive. Thank you for contributing to this scholarship and we are working on new ways to enhance our fundraising efforts.  Important Note About Rewards: If you contributed €15 or more, we'll be in touch soon with details about your reward. Thank you for your patience as we coordinate these exciting benefits! Thank you again for being a champion of accessible education for our next MPP Scholar.    With sincere appreciation, Josh Tendai (Alumni Relations Officer)
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