27-01-2020 | 15:12

The crowdfunding campaign for the transgender studies at Maastricht University has come to an end! Thanks to many fundraisers, that had a close connection to the community, the campaign resulted in a beautiful sum of money for research and extra visibility of the rainbow community in Maastricht. The LGBT+ student association Dionyx organized a creepy Halloween party, diversity platform UM Pride put its shoulders under a touching event for Transgender Day of Remembrance, and researcher Mathilde’s colleagues ran the Brussels’ marathon to raise money.

Overall, €2.888 was raised, all coming from donations of people who find research into transgender people’s well-being important. Mathilde and her team are getting into action: they are currently running a smartphone study and will soon start with a big project involving neuroimaging. When all the results have been processed, the conclusions will be communicated to the public and everyone supporting the campaign.

We want to thank everyone who supported the fundraisers, shared the campaign on social media, and of course the many people who made donations. Together we will contribute to a better societal understanding of the transgender community!