In a split second... support the battle against brain injury!

Brain injury can happen to anyone. Every year, around 130,000 Dutch people are affected, and this number is constantly increasing. The ICU at Maastricht UMC+ houses many patients with severe brain damage.  Caused by (amongst other reasons) traffic accidents, as happened to Michael Ghysels in 2017. Together with theatre-maker and ambulance nurse Stef Vanlee, he created the intriguing performance ‘Fractie van een seconde’ (In a split second), in which they share their personal experiences.

Despite intensive treatment, more than 60% of brain injury patients leave the hospital severely disabled. And for more than 25 years, there has been no progress in treatment methods. It's time to take action! Support this life-saving research: because every brain cell counts.

Brain Battle Fund
The Brain Battle Fund supports research into innovative treatments for (severe) brain injury. New treatments are absolutely necessary, because with the current approach, too many patients are still left with permanent injuries. For example, research is being conducted into a new treatment that allows them to better adjust blood flow in bruised brains. As a result, more brain cells are expected to recover in the initial period. And the more cells heal, the less likely the patient will become disabled. Founder of the fund is Marcel Ariës, neurologist-intensivist at MUMC+.

Watch the trailer here.

You can join the show 'Fractie van een seconde' (In a split second) for free on 22 June, as we celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Brain Battle Fund. Note: the show is in Dutch. Reserve a ticket.