Ruud and team have arrived!

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09-09-2020 | 16:22

Last Monday, Ruud's cycling tour of 1000 kilometers, across the Netherlands, came to an end. The finish was in Maastricht, at Maastricht University. With his tour, he raised no less than €10,000 for the life-changing cardiovascular research of Rogier Veltrop.

At the finish, Ruud was also welcomed by Vivianne Heijnen, Deputy Mayor of Maastricht.

We would like to thank him one more time for this amazing achievement. Together will all other donors, he has brought Rogier another step closer to achieving his goals: to reduce cardiovascular burden.

Other contributions to the research of Rogier are still very welcome! Go to our crowdfunding platform UM Crowd.

(Photography: Linda van de Wiel)