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In the Netherlands, more than 600,000 households suffer from energy poverty. More and more vulnerable families are struggling with sky-high energy bills, in part because their homes are poorly insulated. They often lack the knowledge and financial resources to solve the problem. Energy poverty also plays a major role in Limburg.

The Maastricht Sustainability Institute is committed to working with regional partners to put energy poverty on the map. Through a process with professionals and people in poverty, best practices, tips and programs are offered and shared, aimed at gathering knowledge and learning skills around energy saving. The goal is to improve the general economic and social conditions of people in poverty in the province of Limburg. In order to achieve tangible results, concrete cases will be implemented in a municipality. The results will be widely shared.


No one should be out in the cold, yet thousands of people once again dread the winter that is coming. Knowledge and practical solutions can ensure that people in poverty no longer have to worry about energy bills. - Veronique Vasseur, assistent professor

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