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Good healthcare requires skilled specialists. Sierra Leone is in urgent need of local healthcare workers who can also serve as health professions educators: professionals who are able to train others. The country currently lacks the requisite training opportunities, which is why SHE Collaborates is working with local partners to build a community of practice of healthcare experts who can develop innovative educational courses. Good education will ultimately improve healthcare in one of the world’s poorest countries.

Will you contribute to local healthcare and help Sierra Leone’s ambitious professionals take the next step?

About the project owner Geraldine Beaujean 
Geraldine Beaujean is mentor, tutor, lecturer and coordinator at Maastricht University, and the director of SHE collaborates: the international collaboration office of the School of Health Professions Education. Together with her team, she engages in long term collaborations worldwide to support higher education in the area of health. After graduating as medical professional and working in regional health centres and hospitals, she turned to medical education in the context of developing countries. Amongst others, she worked in Sudan and Kenya to help universities change to innovative ways of health professional education, and managed educational projects with international partners from all over the world.

'Working in a global context in health profession education is so very challenging and diversified; it is not a job, it is a lifestyle!'

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Whiteshield supports our project!

21-04-2023 | 16:47 To build a community of practice of healthcare experts who can develop innovative educational courses in Sierra Leone. That is the aim of the SHE Collaborates project, which is part of the Annual Fund Campaign of the University Fund Limburg. By means of a generous donation from Whiteshield the projects’ ambitions can be realised. Whiteshield is a global strategy and public policy advisory firm that supports governments, international organisations and corporations through continuous policy innovation. Alongside their core business, Whiteshield aims to contribute to important societal projects. The education project to train healthcare workers in Sierra Leone matched well with their societal ambitions. SHE Collaborates of Maastricht University and University Fund Limburg thank Whiteshield for their contribution. With this support, the desired fundraising amount of 8,500 euro was reached. 
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