Do you also support the new campaign against oral cavity cancer?

23-09-2022 | 12:49

From 19 till 23 September, the nationwide Make-Sense campaign took place: a unique initiative of the European Head & Neck Society, which brings together medical experts from numerous disciplines with the aim to raise awareness about the disease, and ultimately improve the treatment.

UM also touches upon the topic with a special crowdfunding campaign regarding a new screening tool for early detection of oral cavity cancer: a little-known form of mouth cancer. Every year, about 1000 people in the Netherlands are diagnosed with the disease. A lack of knowledge about the cause of the disease means that half of these patients die within five years. This has to change and that requires additional funding. Lauretta Vaassen, maxillofacial surgeon and head and neck oncologist at the MUMC+, wants to use the donations to develop a new screening tool for an earlier detection and better treatment.

Would you like to take action yourself? Use the button "start fundraising" or send an email to: