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Studying is far from a given for everyone, and the opportunity gap seems to be widening due to current crises. An educational degree largely determines one's chances in the labor market and often affects one's health and housing. In order to study, some young people run into financial and social barriers. This certainly plays out in Limburg as well. The new Equal Opportunities Program offers scholarships to young people from the Limburg region, because access to education should be possible for everyone. The scholarships focus on financing study costs and/or enabling additional information and study guidance. In addition, part of the amount raised from the Annual Fund Campaign 23/24 will be used to enable equity projects within Maastricht University.

The portion of the donations earmarked for scholarships will benefit the recently established Mia Keulaerds Scholarship Program. The scholarship program is named after Mia Keulaerds: a dedicated teacher from Heerlen who devoted her life passionately to education. The goal of the program is to make a total of 15 scholarships available to young people from Parkstad, for whom studying is not a given.

Support from our alumni:
“At Maastricht University, the foundation was laid for my current career. It’s great to see that our Alma Mater actively contributes to important societal issues. As an engaged former student, I am happy to support these ambitions” – Davy Pieters, UM alumnus 2005


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27-04-2024 | 10:08 My choice of donating to the UM is twofold. Firstly, my father, who passed away one and a half years ago, was an engineer, specialised in aerospace engineering and among others, researched this topic for a long period of his life. He made his career in Communist Romania, which was a very tough place to be in and against all adversity, he became successful. His birthday was yesterday and for this occasion, I wanted to make a positive difference. In his honour, I wanted to support a future engineer with starting their career, even through a small donation. Secondly, I chose UM, since this university is my alma mater, and am aware that funding is crucial for its research development.
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