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The MPP Scholarship has been a dream of the MPP community and today we could make it happen! Join us on this mission and help us reach our donation goal to offer a student the opportunity to join the Master of Science in Public Policy and Human Development.

This scholarship allows a non-EU fellow who has not had the opportunity to study outside of their home country previously due to financial constraints to fulfil their dream. The recipient will have the opportunity to be trained on public policy and human development, to join a diverse and motivated team of students and instructors, and to become a driver of change for societal good. If you are in a position to make a contribution, you will provide a crucially important opportunity to an MPP student.

To start the first year of the scholarship off strong, UNU-MERIT has generously donated 20.000 euros towards this scholarship. We now ask you, our MPP community, to contribute the remaining 5.000 euros so living expenses can be covered for this future MPP fellow. This remaining difference will allow the student to show they have the funds to live in Maastricht, making them eligible for their visa and making the study possible.

Join us in completing this scholarship and contribute to the Maastricht experience of a future MPP fellow!  

“The MPP scholarship is our humble contribution to attaining access to education for all. This scholarship represents the cooperation between UNU-MERIT and the MPP community and our efforts to maintain a diverse environment in where future policy makers can learn from each other and foster a network to contribute to human development.” - Dr. Julieta Marotta - Academic Programme Director MPP

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UNU-MERIT is the UN’s institute for comprehensive innovation: a research and training institute that mobilises knowledge, education and policy to unlock the full potential of comprehensive innovation for sustainable development.

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UM welcomes first MPP Scholarship student!

12-10-2022 | 09:54 We are pleased to announce that Lammert Petter from Ecuador is the very first recipient to receive the brand-new MPP Scholarship! Partly with donations raised by the crowdfunding campaign, Lammert started last September with the Master of Science in Public Policy and Human Development at UNU-MERIT. The program provides aspiring policy makers the knowledge to create and analyse evidence-based policy: skills which are crucial to a succesfull career in this domain.  'My name is Lammert, I come from Ecuador, and I have a background in Economics and Finance. I have been dreaming for several years to have access to high quality education in a leading institution and to grow a network among specialized, passionate, hardworking researchers and scholars, just like what UNU-MERIT offers. However, there are considerable differences between education quality and students’ financial capacity between countries and economic areas, and my country is among those far away from the socio-economic context in The Netherlands. That is why I consider myself very fortunate for the opportunity I have been given by UNU-MERIT’s initiative to extend access to quality education to non-EU students. Now that the program has started, I have learned that public institutions are not the only ones that can take action over a policy problem. There are several actors surrounding a problem or a need and, in this case, I consider the initiative taken by UNU-MERIT in offering the MPP Scholarship as a policy action towards wider access to education. There are many students with the will, passion, and capacity to become agents of positive change that need just one opportunity to exploit their potential. For me, the MPP Scholarship is that opportunity that passes on the enthusiasm to work towards making this world a better place.' - Lammert Petter, Master's student at Maastricht University   About the project owner UNU-MERITUNU-MERIT is the UN’s institute for comprehensive innovation: a research and training institute that mobilises knowledge, education and policy to unlock the full potential of comprehensive innovation for sustainable development.  At the moment, UNU-MERIT is acquiring funds for the second MPP Scholarship. Click here for more info. 
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