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Studying gives young people the gift of knowledge, greater self-insight and a broader world view. You may have been fortunate enough to go to university yourself. Studying is not financially feasible for everyone, however, which is why the University Fund Limburg/SWOL has created scholarship programmes for Dutch and international students who need a helping hand. Your contribution is urgently needed to fund these Maastricht scholarships. Will you, just like donor Christian Wiehenkamp, help give these students a brighter future?

About donor Christian Wiehenkamp

‘‘To me, it goes without saying that I should support Maastricht University. I was fortunate enough to receive a grant myself when I was a PhD student, which allowed me to realise my career ambitions. By supporting UM through the Limburg University Fund/SWOL, I can give back to the university in a way that will benefit research and students,’’ according to Christian Wiehenkamp, alumnus of Maastricht University and Chief Investment Officer at Perpetual Investors GmbH.

For Each Other 2019

Over the past 12 months, Maastricht University again devoted itself to the important tasks of education and research, with the ultimate aim of building a better society. As ever, the University Fund Limburg/SWOL supports the university in this effort. But your support is essential, too. Together, we will make this project a success! Are you there For Each Other?

You make your donation to the University Fund Limburg/SWOL, the charitable foundation of Maastricht University. This fund is a registered public benefit organisation (ANBI), which means your donation is tax deductible. For more information, please visit the website of University Fund Limburg/SWOL:

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