Join the fight against oak processionary caterpillars!

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Help students of Maastricht University to eliminate the oak processionary caterpillar once and for all… in an environmentally friendly way.

A serious threat
If you are living in the province of Limburg, you probably remember the problems of last year caused by the caterpillars and their characteristic bristles. This year, the impact of those poisonous insects will probably be even greater, as the protective suits that fighters of the oak processionary caterpillars wear are in short supply due to the corona crisis. We must act now! 

UM students to the rescue
While insecticides are currently in use to fight these caterpillars, they are not environmentally friendly as they kill many other insects. Therefore, students of the Maastricht Science Programme (see picture) want to genetically create an insecticide that will only target the oak processionary caterpillars – and hence conserve the rest of the (Limburgian) environment. 

This is an accessible, cheap, specific and environmentally friendly method to combat this invasive species! 

Moreover, the students want to share their new pesticide during the iGEM science competition, a very prestigious international event enabling Maastricht students to spread the use of this technology within the world. Join their fight against oak processionary caterpillars and contribute to this project today!

‘‘Our aim is to eliminate the oak processionary caterpillar pest, which has become a persistent health hazard to humans and other animals alike, and to prevent its continuous spread through Europe. We urgently need your support to achieve this.’’ – Saga Björnör, student Maastricht Science Programme

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