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Brain injury can really happen to anyone. After a resuscitation, brain haemorrhage or serious accident, the brain can suddenly get seriously injured. The consequences for both the patient and their family are enormous. Every year, about 130,000 Dutch people are faced with brain injury and this number is constantly increasing. There are many patients with serious brain injury in the intensive care unit of the Maastricht UMC+. Despite the intensive treatment, more than 60% of people leave the hospital seriously disabled after an accident that led to brain injury. For more than 25 years, there has been no progress in the treatment of severe, acute traumatic brain injury. It’s about time for a breakthrough!

An important stage towards major innovative research
The BrainBattle Fund conducts ground-breaking research to support cerebral circulation in such a way, that more brain cells can recover whilst in intensive care. The more cells that recover, the lower the probability that the patient becomes disabled, which allows for an enormous improvement in the quality of life. The Fund wants to initiate a large-scale research project (‘Let the brain autoregulate itself’). The ultimate goal: to realise an innovative treatment method for serious brain injury by supporting the regulating blood vessels in the brain. We still need 15,000 euros to initiate a new phase in this research programme.

On the pedals for BrainBattle: RSM-Wealer Challenge
The BrainBattle Fund team takes action in a sporty way. On Friday, 2 June, 2023, they will participate in the companies challenge of the RSM-Wealer Challenge. We will literally stand on the pedals to call attention to our campaign.

Support this stage of our cycling team towards better care for brain injury patients. Donate to BrainBattle!

Would you also like to take action in a sporty way?
Cycle, walk or make a sporty contribution to our research on brain injury in another way. How? Very simple! Create a fundraiser, collect money for this societal theme, and become a real 'BrainWarrior.'

“Due to the increase in cardiovascular disease and serious accidents, even more people with brain injuries will end up in ICU in the upcoming years. Seeing what the impact is on patient and family, it is really time for action'' - Marcel Aries, founder of the BrainBattle Fund and neurologist-intensivist at the MUMC+.

About the Fund
The BrainBattle Fund is a Named Fund of the University Fund Limburg, in order to enhance research on brain injury at Maastricht University.

UM Crowd is the University Fund Limburg’s crowdfunding platform. This fund is a recognised 'algemeen nut beogende instelling' (ANBI). This means that your donation is fully or partially tax deductible. You will receive an automatic email with a receipt after your donation. Click here for more information about ANBI.

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29-05-2023 | 07:45
27-05-2023 | 17:50 Ik volg Marcel Aries en zijn initiatief HersenStrijd al jaren. Ik ben blij met de onderzoeksontwikkelingen en vind Op de Pedalen een prachtig initiatief. Marcel, ga door en houd vol! Hartelijke groet, Fried.
27-05-2023 | 15:45
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24-05-2023 | 17:06
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Meet our team: Formatie wielerteam HersenStrijd zo goed als rond!

17-05-2023 | 09:56 De campagne ‘op de pedalen voor HersenStrijd’ is in volle gang. Als onderdeel van deze actie doet het HersenStrijd Fonds mee aan de Bedrijvenchallenge van de RSM-Wealerronde op vrijdag 2 juni a.s.  En we hebben een geweldig prominententeam geformeerd. Zo zullen oud-wielrenners Rob Ruijgh, Marc Lotz, Roger Smeets en Jo Vrancken fietsen voor het Team HersenStrijd-JSCERAMICA. Samen gaan zij in ons speciale wielershirt een mooie tijd neerzetten en het belang van innovatief onderzoek naar hersenletsel onder de aandacht brengen. We danken deze voormalige beroepsrenners en Jule Smeets voor hun betrokkenheid.   Geef jij ons geweldige team een steuntje in de rug? Doneer hier voor onze HersenStrijd!
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