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Aruba has one of the highest rates of overweight children. Currently, over 50% of school-age children on the island are already overweight, and the percentage continues to rise. This has serious implications for both children's health and educational performance. The cause of this worrying trend lies mainly in unhealthy eating habits, with the lack of healthy drinking and eating options in schools playing a major role.

JUMP 18 contributes to the prevention and reduction of childhood obesity through education, counseling and research in several Aruban schools.

The Nudging project: positively influencing eating behavior

With Nudging it is possible to influence people's behavior in a subtle and positive way, without limiting their freedom of choice. With this approach, we aim to increase the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables and encourage students to drink more water.

Through Nudging interventions in schools, we aim to not only increase the supply of healthy foods, but also implement proven effective methods that encourage students to make healthier food choices. This includes presenting healthy options attractively and prominently.

The ultimate goal of this project is for students to make healthier food choices, helping them feel fitter, stronger and more energetic.

Help out as a sponsor or donor

To make this project a reality, we are looking for sponsors and donors to help make possible the purchase of healthy food and beverages for various school cafeterias. We are also seeking funding for logistics (transportation of healthy edibles to the schools), packaging materials and training of canteen staff.

Contribute to a healthier future for the youth of Aruba by supporting us as a sponsor or donor. Together, we can ensure that children in Aruba have access to healthy food choices and the support they need to develop healthy eating habits.

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