Support the preservation of Maastrichts monuments

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Limestone is a sedimentary rock with a long history, used in many historical monuments and art pieces that have shaped civilizations for thousands of years. In Maastricht, it's incredibly important, with a limestone type named after the city and seen in beautiful structures like the Basilica of our Lady, the old city wall and the Sint-Servaas church. But its impact goes far beyond our borders, gracing famous buildings worldwide like the Pyramids of Giza, the Acropolis, and the Pantheon. Sadly, limestone is easily damaged by weather and erosion, putting our monuments at risk, erasing their beautiful details and history.

A passionate student team from Maastricht University is determined to protect our shared cultural heritage using science! They want to create a special gel with bacteria that can repair cracks in stone monuments. This innovative idea offers a sustainable way to restore our landmarks without diminishing their beauty.

This team needs funding for research and development of this promising solution. Will you lend a helping hand?

"Help us in safeguarding Maastricht’s timeless charm! Our project aims to preserve the beautiful limestone buildings that define our city’s heritage. Employing synthetic biology principles, we are developing an innovative approach to preserve stone monuments. Why is this crucial? Because these limestone structures aren't just architecture; they're the soul of our city, narrating stories of generations past."
- Fien Eickmans, student Maastricht Science Programme

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