Support the investigation of wrongful convictions

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Worldwide, an alarming number of criminal cases have come to light where innocent individuals were wrongfully convicted and spent years in prison. While an extensive American database that collects proven cases of wrongful convictions exists, the scope of the problem in continental Europe is unclear. Therefore, we – Linda, Jenny, Teresa – established the European Registry of Exonerations (EUREX) to collect proven cases of wrongful convictions in Europe. Your contribution empowers us to inform the public, legal professionals, and policymakers about the frequency and consequences of miscarriages of justice. It is essential to gain insight into miscarriages of justice on a large scale to estimate the magnitude of the problem, to successfully counteract contributing causes, and move away from the negative stigma exonerates face.

With 115 exonerations from 17 European countries so far, our work reveals that wrongfully convicted individuals spend an average of 7 years in prison, and false confessions contribute to 30% of cases. We need your help to expand our database to include more exonerations and to further investigate common themes. Your contribution aids in investigating causes and consequences, potentially leading to policy change, and preventing future miscarriages of justice.

“Every person who is wrongfully convicted is one too many. With the financial support, we can keep working on collecting cases of exonerated individuals to raise awareness about the causes and consequences. We hope this can eventually help to prevent wrongful convictions in the future.”  Linda Geven, Jenny Schell-Leugers & Teresa Schneider


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