Support the Nanne de Vries Professor's Fund

The Nanne de Vries Professor's Fund is dedicated to supporting talented young academics who are at the start of their career. Since 2014, the fund has awarded over 50,000 euros. To be able to guarantee our support to academic talent, additional funding is needed. Your support is of great value!

Over the years, numerous professors have contributed to the fund. Occupying an exemplary and influential position, they deem it necessary to support the university and its academic community. For example, by donating (part of) their royalties, allowances, et cetera. By making a donation, they set an example for others. A contribution to the fund promotes excellence and impact and helps UM research take an important step forward. 

The Nanne de Vries Professor's Fund
Last April, the Professor’s Fund was officially renamed the Nanne de Vries Professor’s Fund. Named after emeritus professor Nanne de Vries, who co-founded the fund with Piet Eichholtz. Recently promoted researchers, for whom a lack of funding stands in the way of their research, can apply for funding. In September, the fund will open its next call for proposals. In order to continue to structurally support academic talent, we ask our colleagues for financial support.

'If everyone gives a small part, we can achieve great things for our young scientists.' - Nanne de Vries