Running for transgender research
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Members of our team will run the Brussels half marathon or even full marathon at October 6th to raise money for UM's transgender studies. Our runners are putting a lot of time and energy into their training, so please motivate them by contributing to the amount of funding they are running for! Do you want to join our running team? That would be great! You can find all information via this link:
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01-12-2019 | 12:55 Attending the meeting at remembrance day 20th of November -organised by UMpride- I was very touched by the ritual of lighting candles and speak out the names of the victims that were murdered for being their beautiful selves...
30-11-2019 | 09:03
26-10-2019 | 00:16 Important research!!
24-10-2019 | 21:24
24-10-2019 | 21:24 Great project! Very necessary research!
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Running4Research: we did it!

07-10-2019 | 08:59  Yesterday, our team raised €1.181 by running Brussels Airport (Half) Marathon! It was a rainy day, but our spirits were lifted and all our team members crossed the finish line to receive their medal. But most importantly, we did this to raise money for the transgender studies at Maastricht University. A big thank you to everyone who donated and motivated us to finish the long distance!
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