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Fellowships for Ukrainian Scholars at FASoS
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In light of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the threat the war poses on civilians, including academics, the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASoS) at the University of Maastricht has launched a crowd funding initiative to support fellows from the Ukraine to spend 6 months at FASoS to conduct and present research and collaborate with other researchers. The fellowships are established to provide Ukrainian academics currently under threat due to the Russian invasion an academic home during the war and allow them and their families to be in safety and space to continue their work. The fellowships are open for researchers in the fields of humanities and social sciences, including the arts, history, geography, cultural studies, literature, political science, as well as digital methods. The Visiting Fellows will receive a monthly stipend of 1250 € for the duration of 6 months and travel costs to Maastricht (of up to 500 €). The Visiting Fellows will receive workspace, library access and will be able to participate in the activities of FASoS. The fellowship is open to Ukrainian citizens and resident in Ukraine at the time of the invasion or directly affected by the war.