UM Students for Minervalia

UM Students for Minervalia
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Supporting local heritage by bringing the Minervalia back to Maastricht
€25 Donate A digital photo of this unique book - Thank you very much for your gift! You receive a digital photo of the Minervalia! 18 donors €50 Donate Luxurious postcard Special Collections - We are very pleased with your support! Next to the digital photo you receive a luxurious postcard of the Special Collections of Maastricht University. 8 donors €100 Donate Personal tour along the Special Collections! (You don't want to miss this) - Next to above mentioned goodies we would like to invite you as involved donor to a personal tour. The hospitality team of the university library will give you a personal tour along the Special Collections of Maastricht University. 5 donors €175 Donate Recommended Personal tour by the specialist  - What a great amount! To show his appreciation the conserver of Maastricht University will personally guide you along the Special Collections and shares all his expertise. 1 donor €500 Donate Luxurious umbrella Special Collections - Wow....what an enormous contribution! With this we won't let you stand in the 'rain'. Next to all benefits your receive up to 2 luxurious postcards and last but not least...a beautiful umbrella of the Special Collections of Maastricht University. No longer available €850 Donate Exclusive VIP arrangement in Dominicanenkerk - An absolutely amasing amount! By means of this donation you contribute significantly to the purchase of 'Minervalia'. We really appreciate this. Therefore you are invited to an exclusive VIP arrangement at the Dominicanenkerk. We offer you an exclusive tour and a special booklet of the Dominicanen Kerk. In addition, we invite you for a Coffee Lovers get-together. No longer available