Start national campaign University Fund Limburg

21-02-2022 | 09:22

A national media campaign by 14 university funds in the Netherlands will start on 21 February. With this awareness campaign we will inform the public about the importance of research and draw more attention to science as a good cause. The campaign consists of advertisements in de Volkskrant and Trouw, radio spots on NPO1 and messages on social media. It is the first time that the 14 largest university funds have joined forces to set up such a campaign. The general campaign page can be found here. (The text in the link is in Dutch)

Each university has 'adopted' its own project/theme for the campaign. From the UM we ask - in addition to general exposure - specific attention for two health projects: a combination of prevention and regeneration.

The two campaigns are:

Contribute to a healthy generation
This research by Prof. Dr. Onno van Schayck (CAPHRI) contributes to making the Healthy Primary School of the Future more sustainable. In the project, the Green Healthy Primary School, interventions and research will be implemented on how greening of schoolyards can further contribute to the health, wellbeing and cognitive performance of our young people.

Give for a (pain) free life!
The research of Prof. Dr. Martijn van Griensven (MERLN) focuses on innovation in the natural repair of bone fractures. He conducts research into developing implant structures that naturally fill fractures.

This campaign enables us to highlight the social importance of UM nationally. We hope that this exposure will lead to new valuable partners, now or in the future.