Throwback For Each Other 2021: meet one of our scholarship students!

30-11-2022 | 09:13

Currently, 17 enthusiastic students are studying at UM with scholarships empowered by our Fund. In line with its diversity and inclusivity policy, UM pays special attention to first generation students, who are the first in their families to go to university. One of them is Paula Sultanof. Last September, she started the bachelor's program European Law School, made possible by the Jo Ritzen Scholarship. 

Paula: 'I am Paula Sultanof, I'm 18 and a first year student at the European Law School of UM. I'm from Belgium but I have Azerbaijani ancestry. I am very fond of literature and political history, which played a role in my choice to study in Maastricht: the city of the Treaty of the European Union. The scholarship has given me the opportunity to study at one of my dream universities and faculties. People are so nice and full of knowledge. The scholarship gives me the opportunity to pursue my dream of working in international law, although I am also discovering that I really love the field of private law. I am excited to see what the future will bring!'

Annual Fund Campaign 
It has almost been a year since we celebrated the success of our campaign 'For Each Other 2021'. How are things going, what are the project owners working on with the help of your donations, and which dreams and goals are they still pursuing? Before we kick off this year's campaign 'For Each Other 2022: towards an equal society', we would like to update you on the four special projects of 2021, that all contribute to a healthy future.