Successful matinee 'Het Goede Leven'

07-11-2023 | 09:41

Various talks, new connections, opera, snacks & drinks, a wine tasting, and all for a good cause: the Sunday afternoon matinee on 5 November for Sjacko Sobczak's Age@Minds Fund was a great success.

Around 100 guests gathered in the beautiful Chapel Opveld for a special day. With a varied musical and in-depth programme, researchers Sjacko Sobczak, Julie Schulkens, Semmy Op den Camp and Kay Deckers of Maastricht University and Mondriaan inspired the audience with their societal research in the fields of vitality, elderly care and dementia. The programme, chaired by Erik Rosier, was complete with wonderful performances by the brass ensemble of Harmonie Heer Vooruit and opera singer Janine Kitzen, and a luxury (wine) tasting from various local providers.

Special thanks to Michel Maes, Jean Boelen, Erik Rosier, Marlies Sobczak, volunteers of Harmonie Heer Vooruit, tasting vendors and our donors. The crowdfunding campaign Draag bij aan een vitaal leven! is still up and running. We almost reached our goal!