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The modern woman is a go-getter. She wants to put her talents and abilities to good use in her work. She wants to be a good partner, a nice friend and, of course, the best mother she can be. And very often, she succeeds! You go, girl!

Until life turns out to have something else in store for her, and a pregnancy takes a turn for the worse...

Risks for mother and unborn child
In 10% of pregnancies, either the mother or the unborn child becomes seriously ill. In the Netherlands alone, this means 17,000 women a year experience serious complications during pregnancy – complications that endanger both the mother and her unborn child. Fortunately, for a number of disorders, the worst can be avoided if action is taken early.

In the long term, however, one in three women develops high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes. Women who had pre-eclampsia, for example, are up to eight times more likely than others to suffer a stroke or a heart attack.

In addition to the physical risks, complications stemming from pregnancy can also have a major psychological impact. The consequences may include problems with concentration, doubts about one’s strength as a woman, mother and employee, and a sense of guilt towards the child or children.

Contribute to research and awareness-raising
Unfortunately, too little is known about the impact of complications during pregnancy. We want to change that! 

The Queen of Hearts Foundation has launched a research project focused on reducing the risk of physical and psychological after-effects by providing proper support for the psychological and social impact of pregnancy complications. 

By donating to this study, you are contributing to a future of stress-free pregnancies for all women! 

A book with a special message
Queen of Hearts also aims to raise awareness of pregnancy complications and their impact on women’s lives. To this end, the team is giving away an inspiring book with personal stories from five strong, motivated women who talk candidly about vulnerability, strength, trust, love of life and survival. One of the stories was written by none other than TV personality Eva Jinek.

See the rewards next to this text to find out more about the book.

The team of Queen of Hearts.

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Laat je hart spreken met Giving Tuesday voor Queen of Hearts

01-12-2020 | 08:09 Onvoorstelbaar, wat zijn we overstelpt met reacties, met duimen omhoog, met herkenning en dankbaarheid; zó veel vrouwen die ons laten weten ook een pittige zwangerschap te hebben gehad en dat het het lang heeft geduurd het een plek te geven. Ons werk blijkt zó ongelooflijk nodig! Dat geeft ons de kracht en de moed om door te gaan! Wil jij bijdragen aan een gezonde zwangerschap voor alle vrouwen in de toekomst? Laat dan deze week met Giving Tuesday je hart spreken en geef een kleine of grote bijdrage aan ons onderzoek. Wat fijn dat je deze site al gevonden hebt. Zie je wat je kunt doen én wat wij je graag teruggeven!  
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