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For the first time, we – 11 students of the Maastricht Science Programme – have the opportunity to participate in the international, prestigious synthetic biology competition iGEM. During this event, teams get the opportunity to present their ideas to the iGEM community. It takes place in November 2019 in Boston, USA. As the first iGEM team from Maastricht University, we would love to present our project during the competition. However, we really need your support to get there!

Why our campaign matters 1

The project that we want to present in Boston, aims to create an easy-to-use tool for scientists. This tool could be used to recognize emerging diseases or environmental pollutants (with the help of molecules). In other words, it might solve modern world problems! Moreover, we want to develop an online and open database, containing the information acquired with our tool. This would enable an easy exchange of knowledge between scientists all over the world.

Why our campaign matters 2

With our research project, we could not only advance the field of science, but also contribute to the international recognition and presence of Maastricht, its university, the Maastricht Science Programme and the province of Limburg. But most of all, our project contributes to society, health and the environment. Therefore, it will probably be important in your future as well. 

How to get us to Boston

We need some financial support to go to Boston and present our project (and hopefully win an award or medal...). We only have limited time to raise the money, as we need to book flights, register our team, and so on. Do you want to see us represented on the international stage in the prestigious iGEM competition? Then help us get UM to Boston today! 

Let’s show the world what UM can do!


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