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Imagine that you once went through a violent experience. As you get older, bad memories of the event are resurfacing more and more often. You constantly feel agitated and afraid. You would like to share your feelings with somebody, but you are no longer able to talk about what happened. As a result, you feel alone and frustrated, trapped in your own fear. Loved ones and care providers are unsure of how to help you.

A big problem
Unfortunately, this situation is all too common in the Netherlands, particularly in people with dementia. More than 280,000 Dutch people suffer from dementia; of these, at least 8% have severe anxiety (Posttraumatic Stress Disorder). And these numbers are just the beginning—they were published before the corona crisis. The social isolation, lockdown and loss caused by the current pandemic can all exacerbate anxiety.

The solution is near!
Dr Sjacko Sobczak, geriatric psychiatrist at Mondrian and researcher at Maastricht University, is working with experts to develop an innovative tool, named the TRADE-interview, that can be used to diagnose PTSD even among people who can no longer tell their life stories themselves. The team is also investigating how prevalent PTSD really is in people with dementia, how it affects their behaviour, and which treatments help best. Ultimately, this project aims to implement a human centred and innovative treatment of PTSS widely used within regional and national caring facilities. 

To finalise the diagnostic tool and deploy it in our healthcare system, Sjacko urgently needs additional funding. Do not abandon these sufferers—donate now for the sake of dignified care!

"My interest in life stories was confirmed during my medical studies, when I started working in a nursing home. I noticed that some people were seen as ‘difficult’ or ‘burdensome’ because of aggression or because they were constantly calling for help. Now, as a geriatric psychiatrist, I can really do something for them. Will you help too?" —Dr Sjacko Sobczak, Maastricht University School for Mental Health and Neuroscience


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€15 Donate Online informatieve lezing ‘PTSS en dementie: lessen voor de praktijk’ | 29 april 2021 - Bedankt voor je bijdrage! Als dank neem je deel aan de online informatieve lezing ‘PTSS en dementie: lessen voor de praktijk’ op donderdag 29 april tussen 19.00 en 20.30 uur. In deze online lezing gaan we in op: hoe vaak komt PTSS voor bij mensen met dementie, hoe presenteert zich dat dan, hoe stel je een goede diagnose met hulp van het TRADE-interview en wat kun je nog doen aan behandeling. 117 donors €30 Donate Special book 'Je kleurt je eigen wereld!'  - Thanks for your donation! You also receive the book 'Je kleurt je eigen wereld!' written by Frank Lemmens. This is a true life story and describes the complexity of a son-father relationship in both ways. Frank who loses his father to suicide and later as father has to deal with the congenital heart defects of his son. Franks life experiences have been the motives to write the book. 27 donors €40 Donate Inspiring book 'Vechten voor ouderen in de coronacrisis' - Thanks for your contribution! As a gesture you receive an inspiring book written by Lyan de Roos - Römkens. As elderly care specialist in a nursing home she shares her personal experiences during the corona pandemic! Lyan also writes a personal note for you. 31 donors No longer available €250 Donate A signed cycling jersey of Team SD Worx - Thanks for your contribution! As a gesture you will receive a signed cycling jersey of the female cycling team of SD Worx. 5 donors No longer available
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Crowdfunding Sjacko Sobczak officieel ten einde… en hoe!

09-06-2021 | 16:48 In de afgelopen maanden zamelde Sjacko meer dan €35.000 euro in voor de ontwikkeling van het TRADE-interview, met als doel warme zorg voor mensen met dementie en PTSS. Ze ontving steun van honderden particuliere gevers en organisaties, ieder met een eigen motivatie. Maar liefst 27 partijen startten zelfs een eigen inzamelingsactie, vaak met een sportief karakter. En daarnaast kreeg Sjacko ook nog eens (financiële) betrokkenheid op de lange termijn vanuit een aantal organisaties. Kortom, wij kijken terug op een zeer geslaagde campagne, met een crowdfunder die ontzettend is gegroeid tijdens haar uitdaging. Niets voor niets hebben we Sjacko alvast beloond met de titel ‘UM Crowdfunder van het Jaar 2021’.   Aan alle donateurs en betrokkenen: nogmaals van harte bedankt! Volg onze Facebook en LinkedIn voor nieuws rondom het TRADE-project, waarmee Sjacko en haar team nu verder aan de slag kunnen.
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