From the heart: support Rogier’s life-changing work!

from € 85.000 (93%)

Rogier Veltrop, along with a number of his family members, should have died long ago of a rare heart condition. Thanks to a donor heart, the researcher is still alive. In gratitude for this second chance at life, Rogier has dedicated himself heart and soul to his mission: finding a solution once and for all for cardiovascular diseases. 

He is now on the eve of a revolutionary breakthrough in his research... 

Blood cell becomes heart cell
Rogier has succeeded in turning blood cells into stem cells, which he then turns into heart cells. These new cells can replace defective and diseased parts of the heart. A pioneering innovation that: 

  • solves the problem instead of just treating the symptoms
  • is personalised to each patient
  • allows for rapid intervention
  • reduces healthcare costs
  • reduces animal experiments
  • enables faster recovery (both physical and mental) 

Naturally, Rogier wants to know more
Can his discovery help all present and future cardiovascular patients? How can we use this method to gain more insight into the diseases? How do we translate the treatment into practice? And: will one vial of blood really be enough to give someone their life back?

To answer these questions, more research is needed. Unfortunately, Rogier does not have the funding to pay for the equipment and materials and to expand towards a sustainable research line worth in total €85,000. That’s why he is asking you: can you contribute to research into this treatment?


“The corona crisis has once again demonstrated how vulnerable people with cardiovascular diseases are. NOW is the time to take action.” – Rogier Veltrop, Maastricht University researcher at the Department of Biochemistry of the Cardiovascular Research Institute Maastricht (CARIM)

Working together for a life-changing treatment for cardiovascular diseases!

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Call: Rogier is looking for votes...

06-10-2020 | 12:05 Help our crowdfunder Rogier Veltrop to gain another €10.000 for his innovative cardiovascular research project!  With the 'Warm Hart' campaign, KRO-NCRV makes a nice contribution to three charities. To finish in the top 3, Rogier needs votes. Will you vote for him too? Then click here (website in Dutch). Thank you very much for your support!
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