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Young people are leading ever unhealthier lifestyles. Some 15% of Dutch children are now overweight, exposing them to an increased risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. They are more likely to underperform at school and experience social isolation. And an overweight population places further pressure on an already stretched healthcare system. Creating a healthy lifestyle begins at an early age. Primary schools are known to play a vital role in encouraging healthy lifestyles in children. For example, a green schoolyard can help children exercise more, feel better about themselves and concentrate better.

The Healthy Primary School of the Future is a special programme that teaches children healthy exercise and eating habits. In the project The Green Healthy Primary School of the Future, Maastricht University and Hasselt University are working together with the goal of greening schoolyards in order to pursue a healthy development of all children. In addition, a green schoolyard contributes to the climate resilience of the built environment. Through a pilot study, the effects of green schoolyard renovations on the physical and mental well-being and cognitive performance of children will be investigated.

Will you donate to enhance the (mental) health of our young generation?

About the project owner 
Bo van Engelen is a PhD candidate on the Healthy Primary School of the Future and Green Healthy Primary School projects. She received her bachelor's and master's degrees both from Maastricht University.

'anima sana in corpore sano,' or a healthy mind in a healthy body, is one of the core aspects that I believe is important for everyone. Unfortunately, in the Netherlands, this is not a given. With the project The Healthy Elementary School of the Future, we are trying to make a healthy lifestyle possible for all. After 4 years, we see that children in these schools have a healthier weight, and more importantly, they mentally feel better. Within my PhD project, I am looking at whether greening a schoolyard can contribute to children's well-being, health and cognitive skills.' - Bo van Engelen

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