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In the Netherlands, more than 600,000 households suffer from energy poverty. More and more vulnerable families are struggling with sky-high energy bills, in part because their homes are poorly insulated. They often lack the knowledge and financial resources to solve the problem. Energy poverty also plays a major role in Limburg.

The Maastricht Sustainability Institute is committed to working with regional partners to put energy poverty on the map. Through a process with professionals and people in poverty, best practices, tips and programs are offered and shared, aimed at gathering knowledge and learning skills around energy saving. The goal is to improve the general economic and social conditions of people in poverty in the province of Limburg. In order to achieve tangible results, concrete cases will be implemented in a municipality. The results will be widely shared.


No one should be out in the cold, yet thousands of people once again dread the winter that is coming. Knowledge and practical solutions can ensure that people in poverty no longer have to worry about energy bills. - Veronique Vasseur, assistent professor

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How to responsibly manage energy

01-05-2024 | 15:08 Energy poverty remains a pressing issue in the Netherlands, with over 600,000 households suffering from it, including those in the Limburg region. Often, people lack not only financial resources but also the knowledge to effectively address this problem. Therefore, we're keen to share some tips and strategies for responsibly managing energy, which not only saves costs but also conserves the environment and combats energy poverty. Tips & Tricks Smart Heating Management Lowering the heating at strategic times can yield significant energy savings. Remember to turn the heating down by 2-3 degrees when: Ventilating a room. A room is not in use. You're not at home. You're going to bed within the hour Effective Ventilation Well-ventilated homes contribute to a healthier living environment and save energy. Ventilate your home properly by: Lowering the heating and opening windows wide (not on tilt) for 5 to 10 minutes. Ventilating rooms 2 to 3 times a day. Don't worry about losing heat during this time; it takes less energy to heat fresh air than stale, humid air. Not leaving windows open for more than 15 minutes to prevent unnecessary heat loss. Draft Prevention Prevent heat loss by ensuring windows and doors close properly. Simple and inexpensive solutions like draft-proofing tape can help combat drafts. Maintenance and Efficiency Regular maintenance of heating systems and radiators extends their lifespan and ensures more efficient energy use. Warm and Social Meals Regularly organize communal meals with friends, family, and neighbors not only to share warmth but also to enjoy the cooking heat. Remember to lower the heating in unused rooms. Heat Bodies, Not Homes Dress warmly indoors and focus on keeping bodies warm rather than heating the entire house. Slippers, extra layers of clothing, and blankets can help. Smart Interior Choices Arrange furniture strategically to avoid blocking radiators, and close curtains in the evening to minimize heat loss. Health and Warmth Physical activities at home not only help keep you warm but also maintain fitness. Warm colors in your interior can promote a feeling of warmth and comfort. Awareness and Action Interested in learning more about tackling energy poverty? Discover everything about the crowdfunding project "Give for Energy Poverty Reduction in the Region." Together, we can ensure people no longer struggle with cold nights or high energy bills.
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