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Every day, more than 2,000 students, staff and guests gather in our beautiful historic faculty building. It is a place of encounter, inspiration, and development. Providing a pleasant and sustainable environment is very important. Including the creation of green, through a FASoS garden!

A green environment creates a pleasant and sustainable working environment. It improves people’s concentration and memory and has a stress-reducing effect. In addition, the FASoS garden stimulates interaction within the FASoS community and gives life to our faculty. That is why we are going for more green.

A green oasis at the Grote Gracht!

As part of the Sustainable UM2030 and the Green Impact Programme, the Faculty Board has created a brand new garden at the back-side of Grote Gracht 76. The garden has already been designed and built, but it still needs to be decorated with greenery, native plants, fruit trees and birdhouses, and with seats for outdoor tutorials. Help us create the perfect place where biodiversity, meeting and relaxation come together​.

To make this garden as beautiful as possible. For example, we need at least €7,500 to purchase, plant and maintain the plants, benches and trees.

The first seed has been planted. Will you make our garden come in full bloom?

“Our community values sustainability, well-being and inclusion. This garden initiative brings all these elements together. It should become the meeting place for students, employees and all our guests. An oasis in the inner city” - Cerien Streefland, Director Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences

You make your donation to the University Fund Limburg/SWOL, the charitable foundation of Maastricht University. This fund is a registered public benefit organisation (ANBI), which means your donation is tax deductible. For more information, please visit the website of University Fund Limburg/SWOL: