Give to… sick children

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Please note: this campaign is postponed until further notice due to the corona crisis. It is still possible to make a donation. The campaign will continue later.

It is never nice for a child to be stuck in hospital. Researcher Pim Martens aims to create a special room in the paediatric ward of the Maastricht hospital where young patients come into contact with pets and real or virtual animals in an animal-friendly way. Pim wants to study whether this animal experience room improves the wellbeing and recovery of sick children. However, he can only do so with your support. Will you help?

Pim tells more about his project in this video.

About project owner Pim Martens

Animals and sustainability, that is where Pim Martens, professor Sustainable Development at Maastricht University, is fully committed to. This professor ‘Sustanimality’ is promoted mathematician and visiting researcher at various universities. Moreover, he is science activist and stimulates good relationships between humans and animals in his daily life.

For Each Other 2019

Over the past 12 months, Maastricht University again devoted itself to the important tasks of education and research, with the ultimate aim of building a better society. As ever, the University Fund Limburg/SWOL supports the university in this effort. But your support is essential, too. Together, we will make this project a success! Are you there For Each Other?

This project is a cooperation with GaiaZOO, Open Universiteit, MUMC+ and kinderboerderij De Heeg.

You make your donation to the University Fund Limburg/SWOL, the charitable foundation of Maastricht University. This fund is a registered public benefit organisation (ANBI), which means your donation is tax deductible. For more information, please visit the website of University Fund Limburg/SWOL:

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Update campaign ‘Give to… sick children’

28-05-2020 | 15:45 The campaign ‘ Give to…sick children’ is postponed until further notice due to the corona crisis and changed procedures in the Maastricht University Medical Hospital. The crowdfunding, the implementation of the animal room and the research project will continue. We will inform you as soon as we have more information. Once again, thank you very much for your donation. Take care. Kind regards, on behalf of campaign owner Pim Martens, Team University Fund Limburg/SWOL
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