Help UM students in dire financial straits!

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The corona crisis poses many challenges to our society. Right here on our doorstep, it has plunged some international students in particular into an extremely precarious situation. Imagine being stuck virtually all day every day in a small student room, alone, far away from your loved ones.

The bar/restaurant/company where you have a student job is closed, existing provisions by the state are inadequate and your parents are not in a position to help financially. You are desperately trying to stretch what little money you have left to make ends meet. But you barely have enough to cover your basic needs, such as shelter and food...

This dire situation is currently a reality for some students, who are, understandably, very concerned about their future. Maastricht University is working hard to help wherever possible and to prevent the situation from escalating. But in some distressing cases, the need for financial support is acute. These students urgently need help to tide them over for the coming months and provide them with a semblance of financial security.

Join us in taking action!
Maastricht University and the University Fund Limburg/SWOL are joining forces to ensure that students in a very vulnerable financial situation get through the corona crisis. We urge you - students, employees, alumni, foundations, companies and anyone else with a sense of shared commitment to our university - to join us! As part of our Maastricht family, they deserve our help. Many of these students have already shown  much support  for others in these challenging times, now we can do something for them.

If everyone were to give a small amount, we would already be able to help multiple students. Let’s do it!

Funds will be allocated in close cooperation with the university. Applications will be assessed based on a fixed procedure. Students who are helped will initially receive an interest-free loan via UM. Subsequently, the loan will be converted into a gift upon re-enrolment at Maastricht University or upon obtaining a diploma.

We may not be able to help everyone, but we hope to contribute where the need is greatest.

The time to act is NOW: donate for a great future for every UM student.

UM Crowd is part of University Fund Limburg/SWOL. This Fund is a recognized 'algemeen nut beogende instelling' (ANBI). This hallmark means that your donation is, in principle, tax deductable. You will receive an automatically generated e-mail with a proof of payment after your donation. Click here for more information about ANBI.

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Mission accomplished: closing of campaign for students in dire financial straits

14-07-2020 | 16:17 The crowdfunding campaign for students in dire financial straits has come to an end. We are pleased to have raised an incredible amount of € 81.182 via crowdfunding. In total, we were able to help 155 students in these challenging times. The remaining funds have been allocated. It is therefore not possible anymore to apply for a subsidy. We thank everyone who contributed to this campaign. We are there for Each Other!
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