Holy cow! Support this promising solution to climate change

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We share our planet with almost two billion cows. They are a source of milk, meat and cheese, but also methane gas and other greenhouse gases. These gases contribute to global warming, which in turn has far-reaching consequences for humans, animals and nature. We must act now to keep our planet habitable!

Twelve talented students from the Maastricht Science Programme are working on a groundbreaking, animal-friendly solution: a nutritional product for cows that contains genetic building blocks from certain seaweeds. These building blocks instruct the bacteria that produce methane in cows to curtail production. As a result, the cows emit up to 90% less greenhouse gases.

Unfortunately, the students lack the required funding for the research and development of this innovative product. To achieve their goal, they need your support! Will you help?

Contribute to this important step in the fight against climate change!

Fun fact: the students intend to enter this project in the iGEM (International Genetically Engineered Machine) competition, a prestigious contest held in Paris focused on the use of synthetic biology to address challenges in society.

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31-01-2022 | 09:25 Ik vind onderzoek naar de vermindering van de uitstoot van methaangas zeer belangrijk
14-10-2021 | 16:20 Great stuff, keep it up!!
01-10-2021 | 11:23
30-09-2021 | 20:34
30-09-2021 | 16:29 It’s important to explore every option to try and limit the effects of climate change. I wish the team luck & look forward to hearing how the project goes.