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Women’s issues in the spotlight. On talk shows, in the newspaper, around the coffee machine. You must have noticed it. Discussions in the social, political and medical arenas have been focusing on (the role of) women.

Queen of Hearts wants to improve women's health and to bring even greater attention to it. For years, medical research has been based on men. Partly because of this, it is very difficult to get funding for a large-scale study among women—something we think is unbelievable in the year 2022.

Did you know, for example, that five times more research has been done on erectile dysfunction than on premenstrual syndrome? Moreover, did you know that more than 50% of the women are more likely to suffer from side effects of medications and are more likely to be hospitalised because of these side effects? There is far too little research conducted on women-specific disorders. We need to do better! Are you with us when it comes to creating a healthier future for women?

We are ‘Queens on a mission’. Through a wide variety of activities at the interface between science, art and sport, Queen of Hearts has grown in recent years from a line of research into a movement—a movement of women that is scientifically and socially committed to the health of every woman. Queen of Hearts is there for everyone. Because ultimately, everyone has heart for his or her beloved wife, mother, friend, sister, or lover, right?

Take athletic action: 'Iron(wo)man 2022’

Walk, bike or do something else athletic to support our research on women's health. How? Become an 'iron(wo)man’ by donating, creating an action starter, or raising money for Queen of Hearts. Together, we make a difference when it comes to equal health opportunities for women. Do you need inspiration or want to know more? Check us out on Instagram or Facebook. We can't do it without you. Let's do this!

"I believe that the female body should not be measured against the male body. It is important to look at the right patient data for each person. With additional innovation and expertise, we can offer the right care for the woman, too. She deserves this. Our Queen of Hearts team is going full steam ahead." - Chahinda Ghossein-Doha, Cardiologist in Training.

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