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Studying is not a given for everyone. Mia Keulaerds, a dedicated teacher form Heerlen who devoted her heart and soul to inclusive education, was all too aware of this. Her strong drives add extra sparkle to the special scholarship programme. In cooperation with Stichting Leergeld Parkstad, the Heerlen-based charitable organisation facilitates scholarships for students from the Parkstad region. The scholarship is available for a three-year bachelor's programme at all UM faculties.

Suggestion for a gift, inaugural lecture 13 September 2024
Anique Hommels: 'I very much look forward to your presence at my inaugural lecture on 13 September, and bringing a gift is absolutely unnecessary. However, if you want to contribute something, you may consider donating to the “Foundation Mia Keulaerds Scholarship”. This scholarship supports prospective students from the Parkstad region who otherwise cannot study at Maastricht University, due to the financial and social barriers they face.'

Background scholar
Anique Hommels has been appointed as special chair of “Sociohistorical Technology Studies” at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. On September 13, she will deliver her inaugural lecture entitled “Transforming Cities in Times of Turmoil – Obduracy, Sustainability and Experimentation”.

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