Throwback For Each Other 2021: grants for talented researchers

14-11-2022 | 10:33

In 2021, the University Fund Limburg was able to award grants to talented scientists. One of the grants was given to Dr. Anita Vreugdenhil, pediatrician at MUMC+, who organised the first National Child Obesity Symposium. The event took place last month at MECC Maastricht and was a great success. Furthermore, last summer the UM Diversity Office organised the UM Summer Camp Wizzkidz.

Another interesting application came from the Maastricht Science Programme, led by Dr. Erik Steen Redeker. The team received a contribution for their MethaGone project: a research project to reduce methane gas emissions. With your support, the team is currently developing a food product for cows that contains genetic building blocks from seaweed. Over the past year, they have done research, talked to farmers and politicians, and conducted experiments. Amongst others, they designed and built a set-up to simulate a cow's rumen.

As the cherry on the cake, the team won a silver medal in the prestigious iGEM competition, aimed at innovative projects in synthetic biology. It was the second year in a row that UM received a silver medal.

Annual Fund Campaign 
It has almost been a year since we celebrated the success of our campaign 'For Each Other 2021'. How are things going, what are the project owners working on with the help of your donations, and which dreams and goals are they still pursuing? Before we kick off this year's campaign 'For Each Other 2022: towards an equal society', we would like to update you on the four special projects of 2021, that all contribute to a healthy future.