Take a sporty action for dignified care, too!

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24-02-2021 | 14:58

Do you want to stay active during the corona period? Cycling, walking, running, you name it? Then combine this with helping people with traumatic experiences! Dr. Sjacko Sobczak aims to develop an innovative treatment to provide dignified care to (demented) people diagnosed with PTSD. Due to the increasing isolation and loss in the corona period, the complaints will only increase for these people. Therefore, a new treatment is very important! For this, Sjacko needs € 25,000. 

What can you do?
You can involve your acquaintances (family, friends) in your sports performance and ask for a financial contribution for this important societal project. You can add your workout on your personal action page and "bike or run" towards your target amount.

Psychologist and researcher Demi Havermans (see picture) is closely involved in Sjacko's project and of course, she takes action, too! She will walk and work out to raise money. We absolutely love her commitment and enthusiasm!  

Would you like to make a nice sporting and societal contribution to this campaign as well? Take action in the near future then. We really appreciate it!