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Did you know that in the Netherlands, one in four women die of cardiovascular disease? Or that preeclampsia increases the risk of cardiovascular disease by up to eight times? Research is needed more than ever! Will you help reduce this death rate?

Contribute to important research

The Queen of Hearts Fund aims to reduce the number of deaths from cardiovascular disease among women by 25% over the next 25 years. One of the ways that it intends to achieve this aim is by launching a unique and revolutionary research programme at Maastricht University. As part of this research, scientists will monitor women's pregnancies and placentas to predict whether they are at risk of cardiovascular disease. 

One look through a microscope will soon be enough

If scientists manage to discover a link between early-onset arteriosclerosis in the placenta and diseased blood vessels in other parts of the body, they will be able to detect women at an elevated risk of cardiovascular disease quickly and easily by taking a single look through a microscope. Women will then be given lifestyle advice and medication in order to prevent cardiovascular disease. 

To carry out this vital research, we need to raise €75,000. We are therefore asking for your support. Contribute today to help ensure a healthy future for Dutch women. Click on the 'Donate now >' button. 

Invitation: special fund-raiser

To mark World Preeclampsia Day, the Queen of Hearts Fund is organising an exclusive dinner and fund-raising event at AINSI in Maastricht on the evening of Friday 24 May 2019. This special event will feature exclusive food and drink, inspirational talks, as well as an opportunity for you to increase your network and at the same time contribute to key research for the benefit of all women. 

Queen of Hearts tombola

Do you want to support the Queen of Hearts crowdfunding campaign, but can’t you make it to the charity event on 24 May? Then buy a ticket for our tombola! Every day, 1 woman dies from a traffic accident, 9 women die from breast cancer and 57 (!) women die from cardiovascular disease. That's why a ticket for our tombola costs €19,57.

'Let women enjoy a long and healthy life as mothers after childbirth!' – Chahinda Ghossein-Doha 

Cardiovascular disease: give women a future!





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€176.982 raised for Queen of Hearts study!

08-08-2019 | 11:20 It’s official: the goal of the Queen of Hearts crowdfunding campaign has been reached! Thanks to all committed organizations, individuals and donors we have raised €176.982,-! This is fantastic! We can pursue with our research thanks to all your efforts! Watch our Queen of Hearts Chairity diner aftermovie for a beautiful aftertaste!
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