Equity and Inclusion Programme

from €15.000 (3%)

The Equity and Inclusion Programme by the University Fund Limburg, established in 2022, facilitates scholarships for underprivileged youth from the Limburg region and supports projects focused on equality at UM. Thanks to donations by the UM community, amongst whom its alumni, 5 students from the Parkstad region pursued their dreams and recently started a bachelor’s programme at the UM. A great start, but of course we dream big!

The University Fund Limburg will use the proceeds to fund, among other things, more scholarships for the purpose of the Stichting Mia Keulaerds Scholarships and various D&I projects at the UM.

In the coming years, the University Fund Limburg aims to embrace the theme of equal educational opportunities more broadly. The UM notices that her partners and relations, amongst whom their valued alumni, increasingly want their donations to promote equality of opportunity. This programme enables them to put their social ambitions into practice.

Support from our alumni:
“At Maastricht University, the foundation was laid for my current career. It’s great to see that our Alma Mater actively contributes to important societal issues. As an engaged former student, I am happy to support these ambitions” – Davy Pieters, UM alumnus 2005


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09-10-2023 | 14:44
29-09-2023 | 07:28 Heel belangrijk initiatief om iedereen de mogelijkheid te geven om te studeren.
29-09-2023 | 05:31 Heel goed initiatief dat echt ingrijpt op kansenongelijkheid. Ik heb gelukkig nog in wat betere tijden kunnen studeren.
26-09-2023 | 20:30 I feel that it is a good initiative to help people to study, even if they are from a background where that could be unaffordable; and, I can afford to contribute a little.
26-09-2023 | 13:15